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22 January 2019

Banten and Lampung Tsunami Sorrow

Tsunami was hit a half of the coast in Pandeglang Banten and South Lampung, December 22, 2018, has ruined a lot of buildings and hundreds of lives have been lost. The peoples around the disaster area was covered by sorrow. The happy atmosphere while enjoying the end year vacation was suddenly changed to sorrow and tears. Tsunami has swept away everything in the beach. Many buildings and vehicles destroyed and heavily broke. More than 250 peoples died, hundreds people injured, and thousands people displaced, and the others material loss caused by the tsunami.
The suffering of the tsunami was not only felt by local residents but also felt by many tourists were on vacation in Tanjung Lesung area and the surrounding beaches. They also became a victim of tsunami and lost they love ones.
To lifted up the victims burden, PT Malindo Feedmill Tbk, through its CSR Program, sent an assistance in the form of mineral water, instant noodle, milk, biscuit, rice, and clothes. The assistance was handed over to disaster command post which located in Labuan, Pandeglang Banten (December 27, 2018). The similar assistance containing rice, instant noodle, mineral water, and pampers also handed over to disaster command post in Kalianda, South Lampung (December 29, 2018).

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