28 Desember 2023

Exciting Gift Exchange and Cosplay Competition at Malindo Head Office

The end of year event is something that employees look forward to as they close out the year. For 2023, apart from the gift exchange event, a Cosplay competition with the theme Profession will also be held.


This event was held on December 28 2023 at the Malindo Head Office parking lot, attended by more than 200 employees and leaders, while the cosplay competition was attended by representatives from each floor.

The event began with joint creative exercises, then continued with a cosplay competition, the distribution of prizes for cosplay winners and closed with an exchange of gifts between employees.


There was a lot of creativity displayed during the cosplay competition, for example the 1st floor head office group where the participants consisted of purchasing and IT departments, they displayed cosplay as online motorcycle taxis that delivered Sunny Chick’s food orders, with movements that aroused laughter and solidarity. displayed, the group came out as 1st place.


Not only that, a very interesting and tense cosplay performance was also displayed by the Sunny Chick group, where the group displayed a professional cosplay of an Indonesian National Army who was freeing hostages from an armed group. With tense shooting and resistance, the Indonesian National Army group succeeded in paralyzing the opponents and rescuing the hostages. Cosplay winners receive cash prizes.


At the end of the event, Yetti Liza, Public Relations said that hopefully the gift exchange and cosplay competition activities can build closeness and togetherness between employees. “This activity is the foundation for maintaining unity and can improve our performance and enthusiasm in carrying out future tasks,” he said.


Professional cosplay competition winners:

  • 1st Place : HO 1st Floor Team
  • 2nd Place : HO Basement Floor Team
  • 3rd Place : Team Sunnychick and Basement MFD
  • 1st Runner up : 3rd and 4th HO Floor Teams
  • 2nd Runner up : 2nd Floor HO Team
  • 3rd Runner up : MFD 1st Floor Team
  • 3rd Runner up : MFD 3rd Floor Team

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