8 March 2023

Lion Dance Attractions at Malindo Head Office

The lion dance is a Chinese cultural dance using a sarong that resembles a lion. The lion symbolizes strength, wisdom, and excellence. Lions are also believed to be good animals.
Barongsai is one of the most popular Chinese New Year icons, because it is believed to bring good lucck and ward off evil spirits.
Malindo is back to hold a lion dance show after two years of non-running due to the Covid-19 situation.  This year Malindo invited Kong Ha Hong lion dance group to perform at the Head Office on Friday, February 3, 2023. Kong Ha Hong group has performed several times in Malindo starting in 2017 until now. The group was world champions in Guang Zhao and Beijing, China.
The show begins at 8:30 a.m. The Malindo employees seemed to enjoy, clapping and filming lion dances while they were at the table.  The employees also look compact wearing red clothes. The sound of cymbals, gongs and drums added to the excitement of the event and also invited the attention of local residents to watch the action.
After the attraction is over, there is one important moment that should not be left behind, namely a group photo of the lion dance with all employees. Furthermore, the lion dance enters each room to ward off evil spirits and bring luck and get blessings.  In addition, the employees also did not forget to take a group photo with the lion dance.
This year’s Chinese New Year celebration was closed by distributing oranges which were distributed directly by management to employees.

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