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16 October 2019

Malindo Distributed CSR Assisstance to Flood Victims at Southeast Sulawesi and South Sulawesi

High rainfall intensity make some areas in Indonesia was hitting by flood. As happened in the South Sulawesi. The new year 2019 was marked by widespread flood in this province. Collaborated with The Ministry of Agriculture Republic of Indonesia, Malindo was sent an assistance to people who need a clean water and food, like a mineral water, instant noodle, milk and eggs. The assistance was handed over to the committee on January 26th 2019 and was received by the Secretary of the Directorate General of Animal Husbandary and Animal Health, Ir. Nasrullah.


The flood disaster then continued on June 2019 which struck several areas in Southeast Sulawesi such as East Kolaka and North Konawe. PT Malindo Feedmill, Tbk and the others companies collaborated with The Ministry of Agriculture Republic of Indonesia was distributed an assistance in form of mineral water, instant noodle, and chicken eggs. The assistance was distributed on June 13th 2019.


Meanwhile, an huge flood also hit South Sulawesi again, as happened at Soppeng, Wajo, Sidrap, Pinrang, Enrekang, and others districts. The Minister of Agriculture of Republic of Indoneisa, Amran Sulaiman was sent an assistance included Malindo’s Assisstance at Maros on June 15th 2019. The total of Malindo’s assistance for the flood victims in these two provinces was around 51 Million Rupiah.

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