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15 November 2018

Malindo Help Palu and Donggala Earthquake Victims

Deepest sorrow was felt by our brothers in Lombok and Palu. The Earthquake was hit Lombok in August 2018 has been destroyed one of the most valuable tourism destination in Indonesia. A lot of people in Lombok lost their home, school building destroyed, and vital objects such as electricity, water supply, and communication was interrupted.


PT Malindo Feedmill, Tbk was also concerned about it and collaborated with Ministry of Agriculture to distributed the assistance for the victims as much one tons of eggs, and instant food. The assistance has been given in Jakarta and Bali to Ministry of Agriculture in ceremonial who released by Amran Sulaiman as a Minister of Agriculture.


Not long after the earthquake of Lombok, the earthquake back to attacked Palu and Donggala, and followed by tsunami. The impact of tsunami has been destroyed millions of civilian house, even they lost their own families. For survive, the peoples of Palu and Donggala have to stayed in emergency tent with unproperly food.


Indonesians people also felt deep sorrow about the disaster, and together they all helped to lighted up the people of Palu and Donggala. Collaborated with Ministry of Agriculture, Malindo was sent an assistance for the victims in form of instant noodles, mineral water, milk, biscuit, canned food, and eggs. The truck which carried the supplies was release at Malindo Makassar Factory (4/10) to distributed along with the other supplies from Ministry of Agriculture headed to Palu.


The Assistance also been given by the employees of Malindo from Jakarta Head Office,  Cikande Plant, Grobogan Plant, Gresik Plant, dan Makassar Plant.   

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