15 November 2018

Malindo Introduce a Modern Pig Farm in Sumba

PT Malindo Feedmill Tbk continued to developed their pig feed market to East Nusa Tenggara. As we know, East Nusa Tenggara Province has a big potency because almost all of the East Nusa Tenggara Citizens have a pig as a pet for tradition needed, as a saving, and for consumption.


According to the fact, PT Malindo Feedmill Tbk was collaborated with Hivos – Prisma on August 2018 to held a roadshow series  to introduce Malindo Pig Feed in Sumba Island and called as “Gempur Sumba” which means Build Farming Movement for People of Sumba. The event was held in three location, which in East Sumba District, Central Sumba District, and West Sumba District.


Malindo not only to introduced their pig feed, but also gave a technical advised how to raised a profitable pigs, it because people of East Nusa Tenggara generally raised a pig in traditional way by releasing them in a yard and feed them only from leftover food, banana tree trunk, or slightly mixing concentrate. According to Kadek Resean Spatiale as pig specialist from Malindo, a lot of people still don’t know how to raise a pig in the right way, so that no wonder if they only can sell them after a year. Malindo presence in the middle of people of East Nusa Tenggara to introduced how to raised a pig efficiently and give them a fast result by implementing a good housing, a good feed nutrition, and maintain house cleanliness.


Malindo has a complete pig feed, starts from pre starter, starter, grower, and finisher so that can comply with pig needs since they born until ready to sell.


Besides met with the villagers and the farmers, the “Gempur Sumba” event also visited to the vocational high school in every district.

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