17 June 2022

Malindo Receives Award from USAID

PT Malindo Feedmill Tbk received an award from USAID for its cooperation in the USAID Advance Program. USAID is the United States Agency for International Development, the independent agency of the United States government responsible for aid in the economic, development, and humanitarian fields.


USAID Advance is a program from USAID to increase private sector involvement in disaster response preparedness, especially earthquakes. This program is also in collaboration with BNPB and BPBD DKI Jakarta and is run by Miyamoto International. Miyamoto International is a structural engineering and disaster risk reduction company.


USAID Advance provides training to Malindo related to earthquake disaster risk in the business it operates, understanding aspects of structural and non-structural strength of business premises and earthquake disaster scenario training and gaining access to the public to support plan management responses. This program was then implemented at the Malindo Headquarters.


The award was presented by the Regional Director of USAID BHA, Rob Thayer to Malindo representatives at the Malindo Fatmawati Office, Jakarta, June 16, 2022. On this occasion Rob Thayer was accompanied by Harlan Hale, Regional Advisor for USAID BHA for Indonesia and Dave Hodgkin, Asia Pacific Regional Director Miyamoto.


Rob hopes that the material presented in the training by USAID should not only be applied at the Malindo Headquarters but also in all Malindo factories and farms. “Employees should also have received education on disaster mitigation,” said Rob.

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