20 January 2021

Malindo Returns to Exports SunnyGold to Japan

After the successful first export to Japan on September 1, 2020, PT Malindo Food Delight with SunnyGold products returned to export to Japan on January 15, 2021. The exported products are SunnyGold Nugget, SunnyGold Tempura, SunnyGold Karage Black Pepper and SunnyGold Chicken Spicy Karage with a total of 6 tons.
This shows that SunnyGold’s processed products can be accepted by the Japanese community, especially the Muslim community. This was explained by Rewin Hanrahan, Director of PT Malindo Food Delight in Jakarta, after the container departure from the SunnyGold factory in Cikarang, West Java.


“In the condition of Covid 19 which affects almost all countries in the world and affects the economy of the people, our success in re-exporting processed chicken products to Japan is proof that SunnyGold can be accepted internationally. The taste of SunnyGold which is different from other products, delicious, halal, nutritious and healthy is a competitive advantage, ”said Rewin.


“Furthermore, our buyers’ trust in Japan in SunnyGold is also very large, where in November 2020 an MoU was signed for exports in 2021 amounting to USD 200,000. The support from the government, especially the Directorate General of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health and Quarantine is also very large so that the export process can run smoothly. Hopefully, SunnyGold’s exports to other countries will catch up, ”Rewin added.

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