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17 MAY 2023

Malindo Sends Eggs to Improve Children's Health and Nutrition at the Ulumul Qur'an Islamic Boarding School

Wednesday, 17 May 2023 PT. Malindo Feedmill Tbk implemented its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program by providing 9,000 eggs at the Ulumul Qur’an Islamic Boarding School, Duren Mekar, Bojong Sari, Depok City, West Java.


The CSR program for giving eggs was carried out by Malindo as an effort to improve children’s health and nutrition, where at the Ulumul Qur’an Islamic Boarding School there are approximately 2,000 students.


This assistance was handed over by Yetti Liza as the Public Relations Manager of PT. Malindo Feedmill Tbk and received directly by Ustadz Aby Jamal as the Leader of the Ulumul Qur’an Islamic Boarding School.


Yetti Liza explained that the egg assistance was expected to improve nutritional health and intelligence in the growth of children obtained from consuming eggs as a source of animal protein.


“With CSR, giving eggs is very beneficial for us, especially for students and female students, because besides being able to improve health and nutrition, of course it makes the students very happy,” said Ustadz Aby Jamal.


“On behalf of the children and teaching staff here, I would like to thank Malindo for the egg assistance for students. Hopefully Malindo will be more successful, and always be useful for the community,” he said.

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