23 June 2023

SFA Approves Malindo's Frozen Chicken and Processed Products for Export to Singapore

The Singapore government through the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has approved frozen chicken produced by RPHU PT Malindo Feedmill and processed products produced by PT Malindo Food Delight to be exported to Singapore. SFA’s official letter was sent to the Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health on 22 May 2023 and Malindo received an official notification from the Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health on 23 May 2023.

The application for export to Singapore for Malindo’s RPHU and Processing Plant has started since mid-2022 and was only being audited by SFA on 21 November 2022.

With the issuance of the SFA approval, Malindo can export to Singapore by fulfilling the condition that the chicken used comes from a farm that already has an Avian Influenza Free Compartment certificate starting from Final Stock, Parent Stock to Grand Parent Stock. Exported products have gone through a PCR laboratory test free of Salmonella sp, Salmonella enteritidis and Salmonella thypimurium.

Currently, preparations for export are being carried out by RPHU, namely by slaughtering chickens according to the Singapore buyer’s criteria. Likewise, MFD has started production of various SunnyGold products requested by the Singaporean buyer. We hope that the first export to Singapore can be carried out in the near future.

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