31 May 2024

Get to Know Chicken That is Healthy and Safe To Consume

PT Malindo Feedmill Tbk held a seminar on the nutrition of broiler chickens and their processed products as well as negative issues in society. The seminar took place on May 31 2024 at the Graha Karawang International Industrial City (KIIC) Building by presenting guest speaker Prof. Dr. Ir. Winiati Pudji Rahayu, MS., Professor of Food Science and Technology at IPB. This seminar was also attended by Rewin Hanrahan as Director of PT Malindo Feedmill Tbk and company representatives at KIIC.


In her presentation, Prof. Winiati explained the importance of knowing the nutrition of the food we eat every day, one of which is broiler chicken meat. “Broiler chicken meat is one of the sources of animal protein that is most widely consumed by the public, this is because chicken meat has high nutritional content, is easy to obtain and process into various types of food, and the price is also affordable,” said Prof Winiati.


Her further explained the characteristics of chicken meat, namely that it contains energy, protein, fat, iron and various other nutrients that are beneficial for the body. However, unfortunately there is an incorrect issue spreading in society that consuming broiler chickens is unhealthy because they contain hormones.


Prof. Winiarti emphasized that the use of hormones is not possible because there are regulations in Law no. 18 of 2009 concerning Animal Husbandry and Animal Health which explicitly prohibits the use of hormones for consumption animals. Apart from that, there is no need to use hormones because the rapid growth of broiler chickens is influenced by genetics, selective breeding, good maintenance and the provision of high quality feed.


The issue of poultry meat food safety is also a concern for Prof. Winiati in educating seminar participants, such as contamination by pathogenic microbes, antibiotic residues, heavy metal residues and misuse of dangerous chemicals such as the administration of formalin or borax preservatives by irresponsible individuals.


Therefore, get to know the characteristics of chicken meat that is suitable for consumption. Generally, fresh chicken meat is pale white in color, the breast and thigh muscles are springy, whereas if you smell formalin chicken meat it will smell like medicine, the color is paler than fresh chicken meat, and the texture feels very firm. Apart from chicken meat containing formalin, Tiren chicken was also found. The characteristics of tiren chicken are that the meat has a slightly fishy aroma, is bluish in color and does not look fresh.


After presenting the seminar material, the next agenda was an introduction to PT Malindo Feedmill Tbk’s business lines such as processed food products namely Sunny Gold and Sunny Chick, Poultry Slaughterhouse (RPHU), Pet Food and continued with tasting processed products from Sunny Gold.

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